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Best Baking Classes In Singapore

Best Baking Classes In Singapore
February 11, 2016
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Trying to learn how to bake or upgrading your baking skills?

Well, while it is not easy to find a suitable baking class that fits all your requirement in terms of location, instructors and price, you should never stop until you can find one.

As Steve Jobs’ saying “Never Settle“, one must always find the best baking class. Never settle on a mediocre class. Find the best one.

Nanatang has recently posted a blog post on the 23 top baking classes in Singapore.

In their post, they allow you to filter the baking studios based on price, location, class type and skill levels.

Check out their post and let us know if it helps.

Here’s the list of baking studios mentioned in their blog post:

  1. Nanatang
  2. Bake King
  3. Brettschneider’s Baking & Cooking School
  4. BakinCalf
  5. Grá Baking Academy
  6. Redman
  7. Zan’s Treats
  8. ITSI Baking Studio
  9. JusBaking
  10. Sweetness Group
  11. ToTT
  12. Baking Industry Training College
  13. Creative Culinaire
  14. Lydia’s Oven
  15. CerealTech School of Baking Technology
  16. The Vanilla Beans SG
  17. Chef Tales
  18. Bud Of Joy
  19. River Ash Bakery
  20. Chocolate-atelier
  21. Chef Yamashita
  22. The Little Things
  23. Whisk Baking Studio

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